Design Purpose

We discover, clarify, design and produce purpose.


DiscoverThe Muth Matrix is our secret sauce to Discover what makes you tick and what, if any, uniqueness your have to offer to world. The MM has been cooking in our kitchen for nearly two decades, the ingredients wrought by wrestling with brands and companies of all shapes and sizes, across all mediums, the world over.

ClarifyWhat's Discovered in the Muth Matrix almost always needs to be clarified. Think of the results from the Muth Matrix as raw precious metals freshly mined from the earth - useful and potentially very valuable, but only after they undergo proper processing, evaluation and refining.

DesignThe Discovery and Clarification of your company's DNA provides a solid foundation to Design all your brand's touch points. Depending on your specific budget and goals, this can take the form of numerous endeavors including, branding, advertising, social strategy and content, web applications, video and public relations.

ProduceAfter Design of the brand is complete, we move to Production. This simply means programmed, printed, photographed or published in some form or capacity. We provide straightforward guidance while launching the new initiatives, internally and externally, to ensure the new and improved you comes off with a bang.

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